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Immerse Yourself In The - Divine Sawan Bliss Package

This unique package allows you to experience Om Vilas Benares's serene comforts and partake in the sacred rituals associated with Sawan.

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Reserve Your Table For Freshly Crafted Beer In Vaziri

Be among the first to experience Varanasi's craft beer revolution at Vaziri, the city's first microbrewery!

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In the race to make vacations lavish, we ignored the original culture and the gratifying experiences a country like India offers. Om Vilas is the best resort in Varanasi and attempts to change the concept of a typical hotel and infuse tribal experience with classic canopy tents and seamless natural elements to your stay.

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1 / 3 — Unwind in the front patio of the tents. Order in some sparkling Blue Lagoons, or pass it with just a Lime Soda!
2 / 3 — That's the story with nature: It never fails to inspire. At Om Vilas, we are really leaning on that side of preference.
3 / 3 — Take a break from the baroque finishes and over-the-top architecture. Breathe in the air of essentialism.

Reminiscent Stay at Om Vilas

Om Vilas is an eminent destination, distinguished with its glorifying village tents. We provide untapped experience and superior hospitality. We offer top-notch amenities including luxurious quarters with classy textures and vintage interiors with wooden aesthetics. Relive the beauty of rural India with us.


Satisfy Your Palate With Sumptuous Northern Spices.

Soul food finds you allure your palate seamlessly through fine culinary arts. We believe ‘Calories don’t count during the weekends’. Our restaurant have an exquisite dining area, relishing exquisite delicacies from across continents, including Italian, American, pan Asian and Indian choices. Our intimate and personalized dining experiences will leave you mesmerized. The aroma of plethora dishes and diversified menu will give your taste buds a triumph.


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Personalised, one-of-a-kind Events.

Benares is engraved with traditions and celebration, Om Vilas believes in bringing people together. We have a spacious lounge, luscious green lawn and sublime pool to offer making every occasion indelible. Be it a Wedding, Party or a Corporate Seminar our exquisite ambience will create an everlasting memory. Our hospitality and our gourmet dishes will make your celebration a success.

1 / 2 — Avail in person yoga classes and group sessions.
2 / 2 — Enjoy blissful treatments and a sense of calm and serenity at our spa.

Relax. Regenerate. Revitalise.

As the birthplace of Yoga, India prides itself on giving experience for your mind, body and soul through YogaWant to return to work post-holiday with your batteries recharged? Times have gotten a tad bit stressful, and the need for a vacation. A proper detox now involves a whole new approach which focuses on proper breathing exercises, taking up a great spa vacation and to basically, eat right. Inculcate a wholesome new lifestyle would be by first rushing towards a proper detox vacation at a pristine wellness of Om Vilas.


Experience Tranquillity Like Never Before.

We have crafted unique itineraries for you. An experience of a lifetime. Inspired by mother nature and tribal banaras inheritance we have included exclusive Tours, learning handicrafts and reinforcing yourself into the body of Indian customs and costume. Embark footprints on the land where The Ganga flows.

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Staff is so cool!

"Staff is amazingly service oriented. From front desk to restaurant everyone wants to make sure guests are happy and comfortable every moment of their stay!”

anukriti mishra

Absolutely love it!

“Beautiful property and lovely host. We were very comfortable and felt warmly welcomed throughout our stay :)"

Sanjay mehta

Lives upto the expectations!

"Super friendly staff, Amit and Ritika are there to help. With a great breakfast, we had for almost 2 hours because we couldn’t stop enjoying the view. The dinner are also fresh and their cocktails are very unique."

Deepak lalwani

Simple and flexible

“Wonderful in all aspects: architecture, design, comfort, staff friendliness and attentiveness, food...all perfect!!! Special shout out to the Warm Welcome, Follow up on all requests and passionate dedication."

Ashwin madhusudan

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