Where to stay in Varanasi with family? - OM Vilas Benares

Are you planning to travel to Varanasi and not sure which hotel to stay in? While you intend to visit the land of spirituality, it becomes essential to think about your stay there. On your visits to the Ganges River and the Ghats, your choice of the hotel becomes the most significant factor in your travel. 

While there are several hotels, Om Vilas is among the top options to stay in Varanasi. If you want to experience the authentic culture of India, there is no better place. The natural elements of Om Vilas make it among the best resorts

When you are travelling, whether for business or leisure, the right location, the right amenities, and the right hotel are vital factors that will decide your experience. Even the most seasoned travellers can get confused when deciding which hotel is best. 

Here are a few general tips for finding the right hotel and what makes Om Vilas the best place to stay in Banaras

Things To Consider While Choose To Stay In Varanasi

These are the few things that can make a significant factor in picking the right hotel:


The first thing to ensure is that your choice of hotel has a good reputation among visitors. Check for genuine visitors and read some reviews before making a reservation. Analyze the feedback of earlier travellers and use the insights in making a decision. Reviews will give you a better picture of the actual scenario and a more practical viewpoint. You can check how our visitors react on Google.


The location of the hotel can sometimes make all the difference. Accommodation must be in a convenient location, making things easily accessible. If you can find a hotel near the places you intend to visit in Varanasi, it will make your travel experience seamless. It becomes incredibly easy for you to travel back and forth without getting exhausted and irritated. Therefore, your hotel's location becomes very important during your stay in Varanasi. 


A hotel that provides customer-focused services is an excellent option. It is crucial to check the presence and quality of services like 24-hour front desk, laundry, room service, etc. Several accommodations also include restaurants making the stay even more enjoyable. The best place to stay in Varanasi will include dining options for their guests. Double-check that the staff is responsible for transporting your luggage to the rooms and back as required. 


When you arrive at a hotel, you should feel respected and valued. You are entitled to a particular amount of care, considering the significant sum you have spent. If you read a review where the guests didn't receive a warm welcome, it's time to remove the option from your list of hotels. 

Room Size 

An online search will help you with information about room size. You can visit the website of the concerned hotel and check if the room size fits your requirements. While a small room would be adequate for your solo travel plans, you will need a giant one for travel with friends and family.

It becomes easier to decide when you know what you will get. Om Vilas is among the best hotel options in the Varanasi location. It matches the majority of the criteria listed above. They provide a beautiful property to relax and receive a taste of the Varanasi culture. 

How is Om Vilas the best choice? 

From soulful food to luxury cottages, Om Vilas ensures travellers get the best. If you look forward to a luxury stay, go no further than Om Vilas. Here are some qualities that elevate the hotel and make it one of the best resorts.

Luxury Stay -

Luxury Cottage - Om Vilas Benares

The eminent destination gets even more glorified with the village tents. The wooden aesthetics, vintage feels, and beautiful textures of the luxurious quarters blended with top-notch hospitality are not something you receive every day. The luxury cottages and camps with facilities like a gym, swimming pool, golf, etc., offer next-level experience.

Dining -

Machaan Restaurant - Om Vilas Benares

Do you want to taste the exotic northern spices? You can experience delicacies like Indian, Continental, Italian, American, and more. The diversified menu makes it easier for visitors from around the globe. Want to sip coffee amid nature? The Om Vilas open coffee shop will allow you to do it. However, the primary culinary skills of the Om Vilas chefs lie in their native origin. 

Events -

While most people book hotels for their travel goals, some also have business and wedding requirements. From providing a space for your meetings and conferences to fully-furnished wedding banquets, Om Vilas ensures the other needs are fulfilled too. You can stay in Varanasi and plan a business meet or wedding in the most hassle-free manner. 

Experiences -

Apart from providing the best stay in Varanasi, Om Vilas ensures visitors take back a bag full of memories and experiences. From learning about Indian handicrafts to enjoying costumes, there is much to do. You can dine like Maharajas, stargaze, grill by the starlight, taste Indian teas, and do much more under the hospitality of Om Vilas

From having the right location, perfect dining facilities, luxury cottages, quality services, and positive customer reviews, Om Vilas fulfils the most considerations you look for while searching for a hotel. You will get the most comprehensively crafted packages for your stay in Varanasi

However, it is suggested to reach out to the official authorities for more information and a detailed discussion of your interests. 

Importance Of Selecting Quality Accommodation While Travelling 

Your choice of the resort can sometimes upgrade or degrade the quality of your travel and experience. Hence, it is recommended to choose the best resorts like Om Vilas. 

The suitable accommodation will give you the personal attention you need while away from home. The staff is trained well to cater to the need of individuals. As a result, you feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

The right hotel will give you a memorable experience and ensure a good time. At the same time, poor accommodation can make you feel terrible.

However, you no longer have to stress about where to stay in Varanasi. The above consideration and tips will help you make a sound decision. Enjoy the luxury, hospitality, and excellence Om Vilas offers, and make your Varanasi visit memorable.