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Dev Deepawali In Varanasi 2023

Varanasi is home to some of India's incredible religious beliefs and vibrant Hindu traditions. According to mythological practices, Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, is believed to have killed Tripurasur, a trio of demons, on the day of Dev Deepawali. It is a significant time because it commemorates the victory of good over bad. Additionally, the day is the most pious. It marks the birth of Lord Kartikeya, the God of War and Lord Shiva's son.

Significance Of Dev Deepawali

Also referred to as Diwali of the Gods, the festivities bring light to the city of Varanasi. It is solely celebrated in Banaras and nowhere else in the country. It is the most important festival and is commonly referred to as Kaashi Ka Mahaparv by the locals. It is believed all Gods descend to the Earth and come to Varanasi on Dev Deepawali. To celebrate this pious occasion, residents illuminate the ghats of the Holy Ganga and perform several aartis to please the Lords. 

Dev Diwali in Varanasi is one of the most important festivals for Shivaites because it honours Lord Shiva's win over the devils. Thus, you will find the city adorned with lamps, lanterns, and homemade earthen diyas to mark this festival of lights.

The Dashaswamedha Ghat organises the most significant events to revel in the joys of this blessed day. They even invite celebrities and influential leaders to participate in these cultural and religious activities.

Locals and organisations decorate the ghats with millions of earthen lamps or homemade diyas. Moreover, everyone at the scene also gets to enjoy boat rides on the waters, giving them a heavenly glimpse of the twinkling ghats. There are also laser light shows held on several ghats and classical events that attract a large crowd. 

Dev Deepawali: A Sight To Behold

With the wintery chill descending on the ghats, the holy aarti's warmth, and the River Ganga's enchanting beauty, Dev Deepawali in Varanasi is one of the most magical experiences you can have.
It showcases India's diverse heritage and honours sacred Hindu traditions making it the best time for you to embrace your spirituality. With the Gods themselves coming down to bathe in this holy river and the lights aligned along the banks, this is the ultimate stairway to heaven. 

Who Visits Varanasi For Dev Diwali?

You will also see that several pilgrims embark on a journey to this fantastic city to spend this blessed day by the ghats of Ganga. They believe that taking a dip in this holy water will purify them and wash away all their sins. Moreover, this ceremonious ritual is also said to bring lasting prosperity and blessings to their life. Residents and pilgrims also donate lots of food, such as rice or lentils, to the needy for good karma. 

Dev Deepawali is a major tourist attraction for foreign nationals looking to witness and experience the grandeur of the festivities in person. With over a million oil lamps adorning the banks of River Ganga and bringing light to homes in Varanasi, there's no other place to be. This festival marks the sight of innumerable floating and fixed lamps illuminating the city and the water banks like twinkling stars in a clear night sky. 

Planning A Trip To Varanasi For Dev Deepawali

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Varanasi would draw around a hundred thousand pilgrims, devotees, and tourists. They would come together in the holy city and its neighbouring villages to experience the most incredible nights of their life. All hotels and resorts in the Banaras would be packed entirely and sell out weeks in advance, with the cost per night going up to INR 2 lakhs in some places. 

However, fewer foreign travellers were visiting the city after the pandemic hit. Instead, domestic tourists and locals utilised this opportunity to make the most of this magical event. Associations from different ghats would hold spectacular events chaired by political leaders and renowned stars across all cultural spectrums to appeal to the large crowds. These events include classical music, dance, orchestra, and band performances. Sometimes, big hotels and resorts in Varanasi would also participate in these celebrations and put up a show for their guests with exclusive boat rides.  

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