Tours into the Hinterland

Mingle with carefree children swinging under a tree branch, and watch some studying in the modest village school nearby.

Ethnic Attire Classes

Women draped in colorful sarees, bangles glittering in slim, worn-out hands, which are beautifully adorned with intricate Henna art.

Handcraft Skills

Make pots with the potter, learn the intricacies of the puppet show, see how copper utensils are made by bare hands.

Trails into Culture

We have taken the pains to curate the best of Indian musicians, Indian art forms, history and trivia in our in-campus museum at Om Vilas.

Dine like Maharajas

Our restaurant, Machaan serves the most authentic Royal Indian cuisines from four princely states, along with the finest contemporary Italian and Continental cuisines.

Well Being

Enjoy in bliss in the soothing treatments and a sense of calm and serenity in separate spas for adults and families. Avail in person yoga classes and sessions.


The biggest advantage of being sufficiently from the bustling city is that you will be amazed by what you see in night sky.

Grill by Starlight

Huddel around and create the perfect environment for memorable evenings. The grill will be hot, the wine soft, and the tempo mild.
Open Coffee Shop

Taste of Indian Teas

Our exquisite collection of Indigenous teas is an absolute treat to the taste buds. Take in the soothign aroma and sip calmly in mornings.

Ghats of Varanasi

We will accompany you on guided tours of the oldest living city on planet Earth. There's a lot to learn by witnessing history!


An unmissable spot for any soul who comes to Benares - Sarnath. The place where the Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment.

Tours to Brick Kiln

Just a few minutes away is an enormous brick kiln, where you will discover numerous types soils, skilled workers and so much more.
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